Reaching Out

Proactive outreach is essential, if we really intend to incorporate the views and opinions of more people into the decision making process. In Town Council, we see our representatives meeting with their constituents to update them on issues and to get valuable input and feedback. I see no reason that members of the school committee can’t do the very same thing. There is always talk of bringing folks to the table, but rarely have we heard anyone suggest moving that table to reach out and bring more folks into the fold. I envision my role as a school committee member as being a conduit of communications between all stakeholders and the school committee. Our educators should know that their opinions will be valued, as should our students, parents, guardians and families, from all walks of life. The inability to access transportation or to make time for a meeting shouldn’t invalidate anyone’s point of view. I believe that we have to show and prove to people that we are willing to actively listen and take their ideas into consideration. We need less hurdles to communication and more bridges.

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