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If you would like to spread the word about me and my campaign by emailing your friends and relatives or making posts to social media, you can use the information below to assist you. You can copy and paste where need be, but it is always better to put a message into your own words and make it more personal. This is the basic run down of why I am running for Amherst School Committee and what I plan to do when I get there. Also, if you haven’t signed up to volunteer and still wish to, click here or email us at Herringtonforschoolcommittee@gmail.com. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and never had anything handed to me; I always had to work for everything I ever earned. If you support my campaign and my vision for the future of our schools, please reach out to your friends, neighbors and family and let them know why you support me for School Committee.

Thank You,

Ben Herrington





Current experience:

Veteran of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Maintenance employee at Amherst Schools

LSSE Youth basketball coach


Education and Background

Associates Degrees in Communications and Journalism from Manchester Community College

Diverse previous work experience including:

Assignment editor for a television news station, WFSB-3, Hartford

Building construction

Maintenance foreman

Author and editor


My name is Ben Herrington and I am running for school committee because my children belong to a growing majority of students in our elementary schools whose experiences, perspectives and voices are needed at the table. While I already serve our schools in the custodial/maintenance department, I want to offer myself as a bridge to a community we do not hear from enough on the issues that we care most deeply about.


With community engagement a priority of our current school leadership I intend to add my voice to the deep, reflective, forward thinking and thoughtful conversations we have about the present challenges we are facing, including attacks on public education nationally, and how we will plan our future  moving forward locally, here in Amherst.


As your school committee member, I will work with my colleagues to promote:


  • Excellence in our public schools through high morale, academic achievement, and collaboration with all stakeholders including families, educators and the community;


  • Effective advocacy and problem-solving locally and statewide to address inadequate public school funding, sky-rocketing healthcare costs and declining student enrollment;


  • Advocacy for dual language exploration and implementation while maintaining a strong STEAM curriculum: science, technology, engineering, arts and math;


  • Eliminating socio-economic barriers to participating fully in after-school sports, lunch programs and other school-sponsored events which are critical in our young people’s mental health, social, emotional and physical well-being;


  • Exploration of smart, innovative, sustainable and green solutions to address school building maintenance and infrastructure.


Together, we can close the gap on opportunities to ensure all of our students are successful and meet the challenges of what it takes to be a 21st century robust learning community.


I ask for your vote for School Committee on Tuesday, March 27.








Treasurer-Amber Cano Martin:


Donate at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/benherrington


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