The Last Leg of the Race

Kati Lazdowski, Ben Herrington, Lauren Mills

Last night, I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the race for school committee with the other two challengers (non-incumbents). It was very cathartic to be able to go over the details of our exhausting runs for public office. As much as I hope to win, I thoroughly believe that our children are going to be in good hands, no matter what the outcome is today. No part of me is willing to believe that all seven candidates don’t have our children’s best interests at heart. No one would submit to such a time and energy consuming process without good reason.

I extend my most sincere gratitude to everyone who embarked on this journey along with me. The candidates, those who supported us, those who asked the tough questions, everyone. Democracy doesn’t just happen, it takes work. It isn’t always neat and easy. We have all put in a great deal of work this election cycle and I’m proud to have participated.

In the event that I win, I understand that the hard work has just begun. If I don’t win, well…just like after the last election, I will continue to work for the principles I hold most dear. Democracy thrives when we all do our part. Some are meant to serve, others are meant to challenge the status quo, but we all have to be a part of the solutions we seek.

I have spent the better part of two months asking people to vote for me. I ask, today, that we all keep our eyes on the prize and work towards our common goals. This is democracy in action, the key word being action. Let’s work together to continue to make our schools and our town the best we possibly can. Thank you all for being integral pieces of the puzzle.

If you weren’t registered to vote in this election, register now to vote in 2020 (kind of a big deal election…like a really big deal). Volunteer for one of our town’s many boards or for your school’s PGO. Get involved and let’s work together, today, for a better tomorrow.

Thank You,

Ben (Proud Dad, Basketball Coach and Candidates for Amherst School Committee)


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One thought on “The Last Leg of the Race

  1. Well done, Ben! Thank you for running. Did you guys make any plan for this evening when the results are reported? Thanks! Toni

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