Where I Stand on the School Building Issue

The solution to issues regarding the environment our children learn in is complex. So too is my standpoint. While I believe, and can clearly see, that  there is a need to improve our school buildings, I still don’t have all of the information required to hold a firm position on the matter. In keeping with the MSBA reply to our last statement of interest, the solution I seek lies in a consensus that incorporates the broadest swath of viewpoints and has the greatest overall support. There is still a multitude of information  that needs to be taken into account before we push forward with any concrete plans. I wholeheartedly support seeking the financial contribution of MSBA, within their guidelines. I absolutely support the idea that we have to get it right this time. I do not concede to the idea that we have a consensus as to what our final plan will be. I am willing to expand this conversation, so that all parties affected will have satisfactory input on the matter. We are not there yet, but we are well on our way (asking the MSBA for funding is a solid first step in the right direction). My position cannot be distilled into a single sentence, simply because we don’t have all of the data necessary to finalize a plan that exhibits a consensus reached by the necessary public discourse.

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