I’m Running For School Committee

Yesterday afternoon, I submitted my nomination papers for the office of School Committee. I am committed now, more than ever, to lending my voice to the direction our school system will take moving forward. We need broader conversations that lead to more inclusive outcomes in terms of the policies that guide our schools. Many of the issues that we face will require us to bring a greater swath of perspectives into the fold. It is my most firm belief that I have a great deal to offer those conversations.

I am a father first and foremost. Like any other parent, I have a deep concern for my child’s educational opportunities. As someone who has been directly involved in the lives of, not just my own child, but many students in the school system, I am volunteering my service to the school committee. We can pull together and improve educational outcomes, the environments in which our children learn, and ensure a sustainable future for our great schools. This is my commitment to Amherst. This election, for me, isn’t about just winning a seat, it is about creating meaningful change and supporting the educators, support staff and students of Amherst. We will do that through responsible budgeting (morally and fiscally), enacting sustainable policies that lead to life ready students in an equitable manner, and by holding the superintendent responsible for the guidance of our schools. We can achieve greatness. We owe that to our children and to the future of our town.

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