Introducing Benjamin Herrington for Amherst School Committee

I have decided to run for Amherst School Committee. I have a unique set of skills to contribute to the progress and advancement of our great school system. The changing demographics in our schools require us to adapt to an evolving culture while meeting the needs of the entire student body. Open lines of communication need to be diligently maintained in order to achieve meaningful educational outcomes. My proven ability to communicate across a diverse spectrum of people will allow me to act as a bridge among educators, students, caregivers and the school committee, and to provide proactive outreach to everyone involved in the path of our children’s education and future. My extensive background in construction and building maintenance will be useful in assessing and providing solutions to issues surrounding the infrastructure of our schools.
An issue requiring immediate attention and improvement is the physical condition of the buildings our children gather in to learn. I served as a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and, as the team leader of a demolitions team, learned to quickly and accurately survey such things as structural integrity. When I returned to my civilian life, I worked as an assistant site superintendent for a residential developer, building single unit homes within a strict budgetary range. It was during this time that I obtained my Associates Degrees in Journalism and in Communications. I worked for a while at WFSB-3 in Hartford CT, as an assignment editor, gathering, analyzing and disseminating information to be used in broadcast news stories. After moving to Amherst, I worked as the Lead Maintenance Foreman at the Center For Extended Care, and put my wide-ranging occupational skills to use in supporting the structural integrity and safety of a building that was constructed around the same time as our two oldest elementary schools (Fort River and Wildwood). I am now part of the communities of Wildwood and Fort River, as a member of the custodial team, and a part of the Crocker Farm community as the proud parent of a third grader, with an older son in the high school (who also attended Crocker Farm). Having children in the school system and a working knowledge of the environments they learn in has given me cause and determination to get involved and lend my abilities as a part of a multifaceted and productive school committee.
Some of the most effective school committees and boards of education across the country, in terms of educational outcomes and achievement, tend to thrive on the diversity of the skills and attributes of their members. Multiple areas of knowledge and expertise are invaluable in determining the road to success for our students. We need to focus as much time, effort, and energy on curriculum and the culture of our schools as possible while remaining attentive and aware of the learning environment.
Proactive outreach and visibility within communities who may feel under served or unheard by the system is imperative to achieve our goals. I am committed to offering my service to the school committee in that capacity, and to provide the input that my diverse background affords. I believe that the areas where I differ from other committee members, combined with my willingness to actively listen to and accept the expertise of others, will foster broader discussions in order to find creative and productive solutions to the many issues we face going forward.
On March 27, 2018, vote for a candidate who is ready, willing, and able to help build a sustainable future for the children of Amherst. Vote for me, Benjamin Herrington, for Amherst School Committee. Thank you.

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